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Health Problems in IT Industry

Health Problems in IT Industry

When you think of jobs with health risks you usually think of miners, movers, or some other job requiring a lot of manual labor. This isn’t really accurate though. Every job has its risks. Even an unemployed person faces risks! So it’s safe to say that an IT professional also has risks in the workplace as well.

Get Moving

Perhaps the worst of all of these risks is the lack of movement. Not moving enough during the workday is actually said to be worse than not exercising. Remember to take walks throughout the day. This helps to fight weight gain and prevents blood clots.

Blood Clots

Ever felt your legs getting numb when sitting for a while? This is because of prolonged sitting. This can eventually turn into blood clots in the legs. There are even reports of possible blood clots in your lungs. Again remember to get up occasionally, stretch, and take some walks.


Most offices use fluorescent lights. Although fluorescent lights are much better for the environment than incandescent lights, they’re not so great for the human eye. The constant flickering of fluorescent lights can cause headaches and stress.

Computer Screen

There’s another light that can really do a number on you in the office. That’s right it’s your very own computer screen. Often when working on a project, or solving a problem, one gets so caught up in work, that one doesn’t blink or take breaks. Remember to blink your eyes. Again get up and take walks away from all of this unnatural light. If you feel your eyes drying despite your breaks and eye blinking, try using artificial tears, or speak to an eye doctor.

Don’t forget to get fresh air and some natural light while working. Also, make sure you walk to more destinations. Most of the IT risks are associated with sitting around and staring at unnatural lights.