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Outsourcing Really Isn’t the Devil It’s Made Out To Be

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Indian Web companies have been unabashedly sending out unsolicited emails to any email address they can grab. While spam offering to cater to ‘below the stomach issues’ or ‘someone in Nigeria holding millions for you seem to have dominated junk email domains, Web companies have lagged behind only a trifle.

When We Say Web Companies, We Mostly Mean Indian Web Companies

Indian Web companies, in particular, share a love-and hate-relationship with established Web companies in countries like the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, and such. We, being an Indian Web Company ourselves, have come across an overwhelming number of Web companies abroad that keep Indian Web development companies at an arm’s length.

And Not without Reasons, Examples of Which Would Be

Having had a VERY bitter experience with an Indian Web company in terms that communication happened in comical English and the product delivered was a far cry from what was promised, not to mention scooting away with the retainer.

The Web company abroad simply wanted to keep all their business in-house and never wanted to outsource in the first place but was bombarded each day with pleading emails shouting the benefits of outsourcing down their throats.

We seek to bring home to our readers that outsourcing is just another form of innocent trade and isn’t as threatening or controversial as it’s made out to be by some entrepreneurs.

A company’s apprehensive attitude towards outsourcing stems from an understandable concern about depending on a foreign entity for its production and delivery. While it is a valid concern, it is quite misplaced in the contemporary scenario charged with communication and connectivity. We’d say it’s definitely poor business sense at least if not more.

The benefits of outsourcing are far too many to be given up in favor of an irrelevant fear. Instead of giving up outsourcing altogether a company can very easily safeguard and ensure both its production and delivery by retaining a portfolio of two or maybe three reputed and well-established Web companies abroad. So in case one of these seizes to provide services due to any reason, one could fall back on the other two. And there is no dearth of reliable vendor Web companies, which do good work.


Outsourcing is innocent trade between two countries which is as old as the ‘oldest profession’

Outsourcing/trade is an inevitable result of the way the Internet has modified lifestyles on a global level. It is just another aspect of the interaction between two countries, their distances being made irrelevant by technology.

It makes good economic sense and shall always do in one context or the other.