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The Complete Designer’s Guide To Mobile App Design

Complete Designer's Guide to Mobile App Design

In this digital generation, everyone carries a mobile in their hand and enjoys their favorite mobile app, be it an entertaining app, gaming app, informative app, or any other type of app. Mobile apps are the future of business, and that is why everyone is investing in mobile app development to stay in touch with their target consumers.

Have you ever wondered why some mobile apps are successful and some are not? The popular app gives priority to users with its user interface and user experience features. A good app completely fulfills the user intent and gives a more pleasing experience with its engaging and stunning design.

“Design Matters a lot”

Nowadays mobile users expect a lot from apps so make sure that your mobile apps give complete satisfaction to your target users. A good app design is a need in today’s mobile industry. Having a better mobile design gets better results.

Let’s understand what makes a good mobile app that gives a better experience to users.

What Makes a Good Mobile Design?

A good mobile design is easy to use, gives a better user experience, loads fast, and has easy navigation. In mobile app development, UI and UX play a major role. If your mobile has quality content and gives value to the user but still not offering an easy interface, then users will easily switch to another alternative that provides a better experience than your app. 

Benefits of Well-Designed Mobile App UI

  • Create a great first impression on users
  • Boost loyalty for Your Brand
  • Helps to beat the competition
  • Gives better ROI
  • Increase engagement and grabs conversion

Let Us Know how The Design of The Mobile App Should Be

Let us know how the design of the mobile app should be

Here we have discussed how should be a perfect mobile design that brings value to your business. 

Reduce the Cognitive Load on the User

In the domain of user experience, cognitive load matters a lot. Here cognitive load refers to the brain power to understand the tasks of the app. Our brain likes simple and easy-to-understand things, if things are complex or too many elements clutter the mobile app screen then the mind will get confused, and better leave it.

Make sure that your mobile design does not offer too many options and also does not confuse the user’s mind. Simple designs give a better response. 

Declutter Elements and Make an Easy Interface

Providing users with too much information on a single screen makes it difficult for the user to run the app smoothly. Each button, image, or element added makes the screen more complex. Keep content minimum, and interface minimum, and also use the progressive disclosure technique to make the app easy for users.  

The Design Should be Finger Friendly

Many people hold their mobile with one hand and engage functions with their fingers or thumb. It makes it easy to navigate the app. In the app designing the thumb zone matters a lot, while we grip the mobile, the thumb goes to a level of mobile. It is called the thumb zone. Every mobile has different sizes and shapes so their thumb zones are different. Make sure the design of the app should be responsive and give a better experience on all kinds of mobile devices. 

Break the Task into Parts

Don’t complicate the task in the mobile app, if the task is too long then break it down into smaller parts like the eCommerce checkout task. Long tasks are boring and sometimes frustrating to users, so it’s better to ask them to step by step. Also, make sure the app provides a smooth experience to the users, they don’t want to fill in data again and again, so it would be better to reuse the data the user has entered earlier.

Follow the Guidelines

Whether you are building an app for Android users or iOS users, you must respect the platform’s guidelines to make your app run smoothly on the respective mobiles. Each operating system has its own guidelines and for developing native apps, we must respect the specific guidelines to get better performance.

User loves Simple Navigation

Complex navigation makes it difficult to run the app smoothly. Users prefer simple buttons that provide easy navigation. Make sure that the Home and Back buttons work smoothly on all screens of the app. The call to action feature should be easily visible to the user and ensure that a screen features only one CTA so that the user is not confused as to what to do. 


So, if you are planning to build an app for your business, you must keep these important points in mind. Always choose an experienced mobile development agency that fully understands how to design up-to-date mobile designs. In the UI/UX domain, design matters a lot, so don’t compromise with design, if you want to get better results in the long run.