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Hiring An Offshore IT Company

Hiring An Offshore IT Company

The wedding of the Internet and Mobiles has shrunk the world today in unimaginable proximity. The ever-growing scope, the sheer number of Mobile Apps, and advancement in Web technologies have taken digital communication to another dimension.

Among others, this has had a direct impact on the IT industry, particularly in the avenue of outsourcing Web and Mobile development. There is an ever-present flux of Web developers, Designers, Mobile developers, and Clients that are ready to outsource their work to them, nay even seeking them.

While ‘ Which Client ’ isn’t a question at all for Web and Mobile developers, ‘Which Web or Mobile Developer ’ is a Million Dollar question for the clients.

Clients do try their best to sort the best among the available skill and then hire THE best. But many a time they land up with the wrong developer and the results are quite the opposite of what was sought.

Some tips below may assist you in selecting the right IT professional.

IT Company Vs. Individual Web / Mobile Developer

  • Prefer a Web company instead of an individual IT guy.
  • Web companies have to be registered organizations with proper paperwork in place. This empowers you legally as a Client in the event of any wrongdoing on the Web Company’s part.
  • Individual freelancers on the other hand are not registered service providers. They only need to delete you from their Skye contact list to vanish you.
  • Even well-meaning individual freelancers have a limited setup and can do only so much for your IT needs in the long run.

Old is Gold

It is a matter of simple logic that if a Web company has been in the market for a long then they must have at least their basic operations right; for the Market tends to eliminate businesses with wrong practices over time.

Do a WHOIS search on their domain. If their domain is more than 5 to 10 years old and their Web portfolio quality also tallies then there is a good chance that you have found your guys.


Exchange a few initial emails and a couple of chat sessions maybe. Monitor the diction and quality of communication closely.

If they tend to write and chat spontaneously then it is a good indication that they deal with clients on regular basis, which implies they already have a business. This is a good sign that this is the company you want.

Do Not Be Overly Costs Conscious

The very model of outsourcing works on the premise that per hour dollar rate is lucrative to offshore Web companies while still being significantly cheap for you vis-à-vis your domestic rates.

The dollar lucrativeness is the main factor driving Web developers to bend backward for your business, working their nights to afford services during your mornings.

If you are already quoted less for a good expertise and service level you have determined, then do not bargain for lesser.

You may have ‘cut a deal’ at $5.00 per hour for your mobile app development but also remember that your job is no longer lucrative to the developer now. They are only doing it because they don’t want to say ‘no’ to business.

The excessive squeezing of your developer’s margin is bound to land you with someone who will either do a shabby job or abandon your project midway or worse – scoot with your money.

Common sense always pays … keep it handy.

Make Payments Directly to Bank

Prefer to make payments directly to your Web developer’s bank account instead of via PayPal or others.

PayPal is just a money transfer service while a bank maintaining your developer’s account will require your developer to furnish invoices or proof of the legality of the payments you send. This will automatically validate your transactions legally.

These simple practical points may play a significant role in your selection of a suitable Web developer.