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How To Improve SEO Of An E-Commerce Website?

SEO Of An E-Commerce Website

Is your e-commerce website not getting enough organic traffic? Are you still relying on ads or Social Media Marketing to capture the attention of the target audience to drive effective leads or sales? So definitely you have to work on the SEO of your e-commerce store.

Is SEO Important for e-Commerce?

Yes, definitely, if you want the best leads in the long run, then you have to work on product pages to show them to the target audience. Like other types of websites, in an e-commerce shop, you need to work on product-based SEO to target potential buyers. You can also take the help of eCommerce SEO Experts To Improve Your Ranking

eCommerce SEO specialist company helps you to solve all the issues that prevent your e-shop from ranking on search engines.

You might have noticed that whenever you search for any kind of product query, some eCommerce websites show on the top page of Google. Because they have worked on their eCommerce SEO to get the best leads.

Importance of eCommerce SEO

  • Gain new consumers through Google search
  • Organic traffic
  • Generate effective leads
  • Fills the market funnel
  • Long-term results

Nearly 60 percent of Internet users prefer Google search to make any purchase. As per the latest report, there are around 9 billion searches per day in Google, you too can take advantage of this great opportunity and rank your eCommerce store to bring effective leads.

After understanding the importance of eCommerce SEO. We will help you in improving the SEO of your eCommerce website. Let us dive into the best SEO strategies for an e-commerce website and how you can get your product pages to the top of search results. 

Best SEO Strategies for eCommerce Websites

Now understand how you can improve the SEO of eCommerce product pages with the help of these amazing SEO strategies. Let’s take a look at the e-commerce SEO checklist and get your e-shop ranked.

1) Understand the Power of Keywords
Now almost every second person searches Google to buy anything online and clicks on the top results and makes their decision. Google shows those pages which are suitable according to the user’s query and tries to show them the correct result according to their query.  

You need to do thorough research and create a targeted keyword list according to your product.

Try to capture intent-based keywords that help you grab leads. Use long-tail and short-tail keywords in the product descriptions and pages. Understand the perception of the buyers and try to capture their attention with effective keywords.

Include call to action (CTA) features on your e-shop and prompt users to take a specific action.

Google Autosuggest: Take the help of Google AutoSuggest and understand how people search for a specific product on Google.

Google Suggestion: You can find Google suggestions about specific keywords at the end of the page. Just take advantage of them and use them on your product pages if they are relevant to your business. 

Don’t forget to add the purchasing intent keyword on your product pages that help google to show your pages as per specific query.

2) Give a Better User Experience to Your Audience
If a user comes to your website but doesn’t feel good, he definitely won’t visit your e-shop again. Your users are your guests, you need to make them feel special. Just make sure your website is responsive and easy for them to navigate. Make sure that your site has a good architecture and that your users can easily find the relevant information on your e-shop. 

Bounce rate matters a lot in the ranking of a website on Google. If users don’t like your site and do not feel good, then easily switch to another result on the search result. It increases the bounce rate of your e-shop and gives a negative impression on Google. As a result, Google moves your ranking further down.

3) Work on Your eCommerce Technical SEO
Always make sure that your e-shop is free from any kind of technical error and your user gets the best experience on your eCommerce website. Sometimes your specific pages get 404 errors, you need to redirect them to a specific page. Work on the load time of your website, clean the URL structure, and also make sure that it is safe for your user.

Use canonical tags to prevent duplicate content issues and make your e-shop easy for Google to crawl. You need to fix any technical error that can hamper the user experience of your e-shop.

4) Work on Your Off-page SEO and Build High-Quality Backlinks for Your e-Shop
To get organic traffic to your e-shop, you need to work on your off-page SEO. High-quality backlinks send a positive signal to Google about your shop, show that your website has credibility, and improve your ranking. 

Most entrepreneurs buy backlinks without knowing about the quality of the backlinks and end up wasting their money and their efforts.

Getting high-quality backlinks takes time and great effort, you need to produce high-quality content, include engaging infographics, and do guest posting to bring backlinks from high-authority websites.

5) Add Schema Markups to Help Users & Google about your Content
Schema markup is the HTML tags that specify what is on your specific web pages. It creates rich snippets that show additional information about your pages on search results and helps provide people with engaging search results. This makes your search results attractive and click-worthy. It helps users and Google to understand what your web pages contain and rank them accordingly. Just add schema markup to your product pages and shine in search results. 


These important tips will surely help you in getting organic traffic to your eCommerce website. Try this method and get the best leads from Google queries. You need to be persistent and put in great effort to keep your e-shop at the top of the search results. An eCommerce SEO agency will smoothen all your efforts and bring the best leads to your business organically. If you face any issue regarding SEO for an eCommerce website, then connect with a professional SEO expert agency to solve all the ranking factors professionally.