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How To Host My Website With The Best Hosting Service


Are you planning to launch your website or eCommerce store online but are confused about which hosting is best for you? For website launching, hosting services play a major role. Without hosting you can’t show your website to the world.

Don’t worry we will help you identify the best hosting services to grab the best benefits from them.

Let’s understand what web hosting is and why you need it. After understanding, we will discuss the best host services that help to smooth your website.

What are Web Hosting Services?

Web hosting services are best for showcasing your website on the internet. Without hosting it is difficult to show your website to the world.

Can I Host My Website on A Personal Computer?

Yes, you can but you need a lot of technical knowledge and resources to host your website on a personal computer.

It costs you a lot so the best alternative is to choose a web hosting service to showcase your website 24/7 hours to all over the world.

Importance of Good Web Hosting?

  • Get the best speed & performance
  • Provide a secure environment
  • Protection from malware & bugs
  • Good customer support

Types of Hosting – You Need to Know

Hosting is versatile and the most famous are three types of hosting.

Shared Hosting: in shared hosting, multiple website files are stored in a single server and all the website shares a specific size of the server. Most business websites initially use shared hosting and after they get more traffic, they switch to a dedicated server.

Shared hosting plans are best for medium size websites that get low traffic. These types of plans are mostly affordable.

Dedicated Hosting: As you guess from the name, it is dedicated hosting that uses a dedicated server to host your website. You get better performance, security, and advanced features by taking a dedicated hosting service. This type of hosting is best for websites that get high traffic and great engagement. Dedicated hosting is expensive and best for big businesses.

Cloud Hosting: In cloud hosting, a website runs on multiple cloud servers, and if one server goes down, another takes its place. This type of hosting is best for high-traffic websites that can’t tolerate downtime. Cloud hosting is expensive but gives the best results.

After understanding the various hosting, we will understand how to host websites in a few steps.
Steps to Host a Website on Hosting

Decide What Type of Website Want

There are mainly two types of websites: static and dynamic.

Statics Websites: These are simple websites that contain one or more web pages. Statics websites have limited functionality and no option to upgrade. These are pre-built websites that are stored on a web server and are static in nature and do not give an opportunity to change the content or design. You must make all the changes manually and store them on the server. For the static website, you don’t require large space and server resources—examples of static websites such as portfolio websites, single-page websites or landing pages, etc.

Dynamic Websites: These are dynamic in nature and display adaptive content. The content on this website is generated quickly and changes regularly. Some examples are eCommerce websites, blogs, social media sites, etc. Dynamic websites require more comprehensive and customizable web hosting plans with higher storage space, memory, and bandwidth.

You need to choose what type of website you want to build, after that it becomes easy to choose the best hosting plan for your website.

Compare Hosting Companies

We have discussed that hosting is most important for your website performance, so choose wisely the best one for your business. Most website owners make the mistake of choosing to host based on price. Don’t decide on the basis of price only, you need to research all the aspects of hosting to get the best out of it.

What You Should See Before Choosing the Best Hosting

  • Uptime
  • Storage
  • Traffic handle
  • Data security
  • Backup option
  • Customer support

And many more benefits, you have to check the reviews and also see if they are offering a money-back guarantee as well.

Select the Best Plan as per Your Need

After you have decided on your best hosting company, you need to choose the best plan as per your requirement. If you are building a static website then a shared hosting plan is best for you and if you want to build an eCommerce store or dedicated website, then dedicated web hosting is best for you. So choose as per your requirement and select the best plan under your budget.

Buy the Perfect Domain Name

The domain name is your unique address on the internet, so choose wisely your domain. Your domain name should be easy to read and easy to remember. Don’t use the numeric in a domain name. Make sure your domain name looks professional.

Before purchasing a domain for your business, you need to research popular keywords and search terms according to your industry. Your domain name should be related to your business or industry. Always prefer the .com domain extensions, it builds more credibility among visitors.

Some hosting services also provide a free domain in their packages and you can also buy from a specialist domain name registration website.

Now you can smoothly integrate your website with hosting services, you can easily follow the steps of hosting service providers and get your website live.


Hosting plays a major role to show your website online, so always choose wisely your hosting service. When you choose the best hosting company, you don’t need to worry about any kind of trouble related to your website. Make sure the hosting provides full customer support 24/7 hours and protects your website from any kind of error.