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Best WordPress Plugins For Business Website In 2023


Plugins are the most important part of WordPress websites; they help enhance the functionality of the sites. But don’t use too many plugins, as that will slow down the speed of the website. Every WordPress owner should take care that they only use quality plugins that are essential for their website and don’t use too many plugins.

How Many Plugins are Enough?

There is no fixed number of plugins for WordPress websites; it totally depends on the requirements of the websites. Many websites use more than 50 plugins and perform well, but some websites use 20–30 plugins but face performance issues. So it does not depend on the number of plugins. High-quality plugins increase your WordPress performance without any issues.

Most people add scripted code to their websites to avoid more plugins, but in a sense, they are using plugins without downloading them. The major drawback of these scripts is that you will not get any updates or security fixes regarding those scripted codes. So it is best to use high-quality plugins that get updated over time.

Importance of Quality Plugins in WordPress

  • Adds more functionality to the website.
  • Secures the blog from error.
  • Speeds up the website
  • Helps scale the website

After understanding the importance of quality plugins, you must also know about the best plugins that you need to add to your website. We don’t only give you a list like other blog posts but also provide you with all the details about the plugin and its features, so you can decide which plugin is best for your website. The theme matters a lot for your website’s performance, so it is very important to choose the best theme for your website that is easily integrated with all the plugins and also minimizes your dependency on plugins.

Some of the best themes are Astra, Generate Press, and Blocksy, which are recommended by professional developers.

Best WordPress Plugins You Need on Your Site

We have categorized the plugins on the basis of their needs, such as design, security, backup, sharing, SEO objectives, speed, and performance.

As a WordPress development agency, we have to check the functionality of each and every plugin before recommending it to our clients.

Don’t make your site bulky by adding more and more plugins, Double coding scripts can slow down your website speed so choose the right plugin as per your needs.

Many websites and blog owners make the mistake of installing too many plugins without knowing what they can be beneficial for. Whereas a good quality plugin can get similar features.

Some plugins are free but give limited features so either you can upgrade to premium to get more features or add other plugins to get the same features.

Let’s understand each in detail, how these plugins smoothen your digital journey.

Best Free & Premium Plugins for WordPress Theme Designing

  1. Elementor
  2. Gutenberg
  3. Beaver Builder

We have checked the Reviews and personal experience with most of the plugins

Elementor – Mind-Blowing Page Builder Plugin

Your first task after installing WordPress is to customize your website, and Elementor helps you a lot in creating great web pages. It has both free and premium versions; you can try the free version as well. It offers amazing features to make web pages look stunning. Furthermore, it works fine with all WordPress themes.

Easy drag-and-drop elements make it awesome for page building. You can add columns, sections, and more to your website. It has a library of elements that you can use to add to your page. Elementor plugins have received mostly positive feedback and have been downloaded around 5 million times by various WordPress sites.

Gutenberg – Awesome Block Editor

Gutenberg is a new editor in WordPress that is designed to improve the content editing experience. Gutenberg is a block editor, which means you can create and edit content in blocks. You can also design your web pages to be more attractive and appealing with the Gutenberg plugin. Gutenberg is used by 3 million websites. You can try this plugin if Elementor looks challenging to you.

Beaver Builder – Build Custom Pages with Drag and Drop

Beaver Builder is also a good page builder plugin that you can try. It is known for its drag-and-drop feature, which makes it easy to create custom pages with custom layouts and sections. You can add more functionalities, like sliders, image galleries, video galleries, etc., to your websites.

It helps in creating mobile-friendly and responsive web pages. It integrates smoothly with most themes and gives the best performance. It has been used over 2 million times by various WordPress sites. Beaver Builder has received mostly positive feedback from website owners.

Best Security Plugins for WordPress

After building pages, your next step is to secure your website from any kind of error, and the best solution is to integrate your website with the best security plugins.

Let’s know in detail about the Best Security Plugins for WordPress.

Akismet Spam Protection Plugin – Protect Website from Spamming Comments

Most website owners face the issue of spammy comments on their websites. Akismet spam protection plugin helps protect your website from malicious comments and spam contact form submissions. It supports blocking your website from any spam comments that may affect the performance of your website.

It automatically checks all spam messages; some people post URLs in the comment box, and Akismet helps identify whether they’re safe or not. So it is a good idea to download this great Akismet spam protection plugin and keep it safe from any errors. Around 5 million websites are using it and mostly getting positive feedback from various website owners.

Wordfence Security – Scan Malware & Firewall

The security of your website matters a lot, so Wordfence security plugins help you protect your website from unwanted malware and firewalls that can have a bad effect on your website. It helps in scanning core files, themes, and plugins and also checks the integrity of WordPress. Helps to repair files that have changed due to overwriting and to remove files that are not related to the Wordfence interface.

It checks for website security issues and makes changes regarding any mishaps. It also makes your log in more secure with two-factor authentication (2FA) and a captcha to prevent bots from logging in. So don’t forget to integrate your website with Wordfence security to give your website a more secure environment.

Best Plugins to Stay Connected with Your Audience

Contact forms, subscription forms, and feedback forms help you stay connected with your audience. Build a strong relationship with your audience with effective forms.

Contact Form 7 – Get in Touch with the Audience

Contact Form 7 is a free plugin for creating contact forms, newsletter forms, and feedback forms. It is the oldest plugin that is still used by a lot of users. You can use this plugin to make multiple contact forms. It also protects your website from spam comments. It is easy to use, and the simple drag-and-drop feature makes it easy for new users. In the premium version of this plugin, you can also get a lot of advanced features.

WPForms – To Create an Appealing Newsletter & Contact form

For a successful website, it is not effective to just show your content; you should also build a relationship with the audience with the help of feedback forms, subscription forms, newsletters, and contact forms. Here, WPForms is the best plugin to create an appealing newsletter and contact form.

The WPForms plugin is freemium, and it has both free and premium versions. In the free version, they offer lots of free templates that you can use to create a newsletter or contact form. The easy drag-and-drop feature makes it easy to use for beginners. So if you want to get in touch with your audience, don’t miss this wonderful plugin.

Best Plugin for Backup of Website Data

Any crash or mistake can cause great trouble for your website, so the best way to avoid such situations is to regularly back up your website whenever you update something new. Here, we have discussed the best plugins to take a backup of your website. You always can’t rely on your hosting company to take backups, but a plugin makes it easy to secure website data. Try out these plugins to secure your website.

Updraft Plus Word Press Backup Plugin

UpdraftPlus is a great plugin that helps you keep your website data safe and protects you from any mishaps. This simplifies backup and restoration. It is the most reliable backup plugin. Around 3 million people are using this amazing plugin to save their website data. It enables you to save your backup directly to the cloud using services like Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, and Email. UpdraftPlus also has a premium version that gives users more features.

Duplicator–WordPress Migration & Backup Plugin

Duplicator is a great plugin for saving your WordPress data and also helps you easily migrate to another hosting provider. If you want to change your hosting provider, then the duplicator plugin helps a lot to make your migration easy with zero downtime. It has almost 30 million downloads and is best for migration and securing backup. You should definitely use this plugin on your website.

WP STAGING–Backup Duplicator & Migration

It is an amazing plugin if you want to create a clone of your website and want to test a new theme or design. WP staging is best for non-technical people who want to secure their website data and want to experiment with new designs or themes on a clone website. It is a simple plugin that creates a clone of your website that does not appear in search engine results, and only administrators have access to the cloned or backed-up website. The WP Staging plugin is very fast to do the migration, cloning, and backup processes; it takes only a few seconds.

Best WordPress Plugins for Performance and Speed

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin – Boosts up website speed

The speed of your website is very important in providing a good experience to your target audience. If you want to improve your website speed and performance, then don’t ignore the LiteSpeed cache plugin that assists your website in boosting speed. It helps to give the best user experience to your target audience by minimizing unnecessary scripts, optimizing images, integrating with CDN services, and many other things to get perfect speed. So don’t miss this wonderful plugin on your website. It has a fantastic feature for securely optimizing websites for maximum speed.

WP Fastest Cache

It is also a wonderful plugin to boost website speed. The WP fastest cache generates static HTML files that aid in the loading of web pages. It automatically modifies the htaccess file and speeds up the website. It has a premium version that has multiple features to improve website speed.

Best plugins for including sharing option

Most themes allow you to share your website on social media platforms, but some do not allow you to share a specific post on social media. So the best alternative is to use the best plugin to share your valuable content via social media. Here we have described the best plugins for including sharing options on your blog posts or web pages.

Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons

This plugin makes your web pages or posts more attractive. It is a wonderful plugin to give your audience attractive social media sharing options. You can easily customize your sharing with the help of this plugin. It gives you multiple design options and animation or “floating” options. You can also use counts to show how many people like your icon. It also helps you to add customized pop-ups and a subscription form to your website.

Some plugins give you the option to add sharing buttons to your posts, like Jetpack, Smash Balloon, etc. You can add anyone that best suits your website.

Best WordPress plugins for SEO purposes

You can’t deny the importance of SEO while you are focusing on taking your business online. Here we have discussed the important SEO plugins that take your website in the right direction.

Yoast SEO – Best companion for Effective SEO

Yoast SEO gives your website wonderful features that help search engines know about your website content and rank it accordingly. It is a great companion for your website that helps to generate sitemaps, analyze your web page links, and much more. It helps to identify 404 errors and also gives the option to redirect those links.

Rank Math SEO – Best SEO Plugin

It is also a good SEO plugin that helps you analyze your website content and give suggestions accordingly. It gives the best suggestions to make your content SEO-friendly and gives you many options to improve your content. It handles all the technical errors affecting the ranking of the website. According to experts, you need to add only one SEO plugin to your website to avoid any complications.


Above all, the discussed plugins will surely help you run your website smoothly. We have categorized the best plugins as per their functionality; you can choose any one of them as per your preference. The above plugins that we have discussed are based on reviews and popularity. Plugins improve the performance of your website while also providing a secure environment for your WordPress website. Always choose high-quality plugins and don’t fill up the website’s memory with unnecessary plugins.