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Is ChatGPT Trustworthy, And What Are Its Limitations And Drawbacks?

ChatGPT Trustworthy

Are you a programmer, writer, storyteller, designer, or anyone else who does intellectual work, but the Popularity Of ChatGPT frightens you? ChatGPT is trending in the media nowadays, and some people say that it will affect our jobs and make us jobless. It is totally a myth and rumor that is spread by “so-called” tech experts in the media who do not know how an AI system works or how it helps humans. These kinds of fears always arise when a new technology or invention enters the public domain, such as the internet or robotics, but as you can see, the internet has created a lot of jobs, and robotics has made our lives easier while not affecting our jobs, but rather improving our work performance. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning make human life easy, as you can see your surroundings such as Google AssistantSiriAlexa, and Chatbots are AI-based programs. Let’s learn in detail what AI is and how it works.

What is AI (Artificial intelligence)?

Artificial intelligence is now part of our lives. It is an amazing technology that smooths our day-to-day activities. From smartphones to driving vehicles, AI helps us. It increases its efficiency with time.

Artificial intelligence is a wide branch of computer science that builds smart applications and machines to perform tasks that require human intelligence. The AI system works on patterns and data that are specifically fed into their database. The AI systems are trained and perform specific tasks as per the data. It all works on a specific algorithm that allows the system to do specific tasks. 

But it does not mean that it works like a human. The experts are working on AI models to make them more efficient like humans; in the near future, we may see better AI applications and tools.

Let’s come to the point of our main topic in this article, which is ChatGPT. We are all aware of ChatGPT. It is an AI-based chatbot that answers your question based on what is fed into its system. 

What is ChatGPT?

It is a product of the ‘Open ai’ firm of an artificial intelligence research laboratory. They develop a product(chatbot) that responds like humans. It is also known as Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT). People are now experimenting with it, they write articles, songs, lyrics, codes, scripts, and many more things from it. It is available free in the public domain and people enjoy it. They are following it blindly. If you are one of them and are also eager to try ChatGPT, then you need to consider its disadvantages and drawbacks.

Disadvantages and Drawbacks of ChatGPT

ChatGPT can help improve your work performance but can’t be an alternative to creating humans. Let’s know the drawback of ChatGPT in detail.

Can’t Generate New Ideas Compared to humans, At this point in time the ChatGPT can’t generate new ideas. It only says what is fed to its system. This is a well-trained chat robot on huge data and only answers those queries as per their database. It is a pure black box system, it doesn’t understand anything. It is just a big database and can only give answers based on the data it has in it.

Not Authentic & Trustable Source With all the info it provides, you can’t blindly trust them. It is in developing mode and grabbing more feedback from its users. Even after gaining a lot of user data and feedback, it’s still a new system and can use a lot of improvement. It is still a research project, and they are working on it to improve it.

Can’t Handle Complex Data For generating text, it is a nice tool, but for getting complex information like arithmetic and mathematics solutions, it does not give satisfactory answers. That’s why sometimes it says ‘’ I am sorry’’.

Disadvantages of Depending Upon ChatGPT

Kills Creativity If you only depend on ChatGPT, it will surely kill your creativity. That is why it is banned in schools and universities. It is just a huge database and doesn’t have the feeling to understand what the user wants.

Memorize Things Only The ChatGPT only memorizes things without understanding them. It is an AI robot that tells only things that have been fed into its system. Maybe in the future, it will develop more human skills to understand things. But at present, it is just a machine and unable to solve complex issues.

Need Proper Guidance Like a Child No matter how big a robot or a chatbot is, it can’t understand things without proper guidance. If you want a specific code from it then you need to give proper guidance to it. Otherwise, it will give the wrong answer.

Can’t do Brainstorming Like a real human, Chatgpt doesn’t have its own brain to think and analyze. It just works on a pattern and gives approximately the same solutions to the same query. If you ask some complex questions to it then it will not be able to give you the exact solution. It does not see a situation from a different perspective.

Wrap It Up

ChatGPT is a good tool for communication purposes but can’t be used to solve complex issues. It is a machine, so it can’t solve problems as well as a human can. It may develop more human skills in the future to understand things. But at present, it is in its initial stage. If you take it in a positive way, like getting ideas whenever you’re stuck on any task, then it can be helpful for you.