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Do You Know What SEO Is And How It Works?

what is SEO

Search Engine Optimization for short, we say SEO, is the best way to generate organic traffic to your website. SEO is a great approach to optimizing the appearance of a website to improve its ranking on SERPs. In the early days of the Internet, rankings could be done on SERPs with keyword stuffing and black hat methods of ranking, but things changed over time and the search engines categorized information with specific rules.

With the boom of smartphone users and internet users in recent years, a lot of businesses have gone online and created their markets to get great traffic to promote their business. With lots of competition and tons of authorized websites, It is not easy for any new website to rank easily on the top page of SERPs. Here the Effective SEO technique Helps us to get organic traffic and Improve our ranking on search engines. You can take help from an Affordable SEO Company In India to organically get targeted traffic. 

Importance Of SEO

  • Improves ranking on SERPs
  • Get better Engagement
  • Generate Leads
  • Improves Visibility
  • Builds Brand

The importance of SEO is increasing day by day, today SEO is the most powerful way to market your business. Search Engine Optimization is a process of improving the ranking of websites on SERPs in an organic way. Let us know in detail how SEO works.

SEO Work Process

Before understanding SEO, we need to understand how the search engine works and provides accurate search results as per our queries.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Microsoft bing, etc are popular. We get all the answers as per your demands. Search engines work on an algorithm and give accurate results. There are three main stages of a search engine.

Crawling The first step is crawling by search engine spiders or software bots. It is a search process in which search engines send spiders or robots to locate new and updated content. They crawl every website in the public domain related to specific keyword queries. Crawlers use links to find suitable pages so here is the importance of creating internal or external links.

Indexing After crawling websites, search engines index content from the web to store and return search results. Here metadata plays an important role in attracting the attention of search engines. Search engines index most sites, but spammy, duplicate, or block pages are rarely indexed.

After Crawling and Indexing The search engine analyzes pages on factors such as speed, backlinks, keyword usage, mobile-friendly, and many more.

The Ranking is defined by the search engine on the basis of the query. A search engine provides the best relevant links for a query. The results are ranked from most relevant to least relevant.

Now Understand Search Engines, We Will Discuss How SEO Aligns with Search Engines.


How Does SEO Work

The best SEO services in India deliver accurate results and boost your ranking higher on SERPs. Let’s know in detail about the process of SEO that is offered by Professional SEO Experts.

For a Better Understanding of Seo, We Can Categorize Seo Into Three Category

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO

Let Us Go Through Each One in Detail and Get a Detailed Understanding of SEO.

On-Page SEO procedures
An on-page SEO technique is very beneficial to rank your web page on SERP. It helps search engines analyze your content and websites and provide accurate results when a user searches for them. Let’s know in detail what on-page SEO is and How it works.

What is On-Page SEO?
On-Page SEO refers to optimizing elements of a website to improve ranking and get organic traffic. It includes optimizing content according to keywords and also includes metadata to improve the visibility of the website to search engines. 

Benefits of On-Page SEO

  • Helps to understand search engines, and what about your website.
  • Helps to Identify search engines, regarding queries related to your keywords.
  • Helps to get Organic traffic
  • Boost the visibility of your website or Page in Search engines.

Techniques Used in On-Page SEO

SEO experts optimize content and websites according to related keywords and improve the visibility of websites on SERPs. The techniques used by a professional includes

Publishing High-Quality Content Is the main part of On-page SEO. It defines, what your website is. Professionals do Intense keyword research to generate quality content that engages visitors. Content must be unique and also solve the query of visitors so they don’t go from your website. It helps to maintain a healthy bounce rate and gives a sign to search engines that it is the perfect answer to the search query and boosts ranking on SERPs. 

Optimizing MetaData Includes Title tags, meta descriptions, and alt tags that are understood by a search engine. Because search engines do not understand the whole content, Here meta tags help us to give a sign to search engines about our content. SEO experts include relevant keywords and related descriptions that help to get an exact idea to search engines about Content.

Title Tags Keep it under 60 characters to ensure displays correctly. Use appropriate keywords and do not do keyword stuffing. Do not use all caps, Make it easily readable.

Meta Description It is the most important part to give a short description to the user of what is in the content. It shows on the SERPs, A small description of 160 characters gives an idea related to content.

Alt Tags Alt tags help to understand search engines and the images and pictures that we include in the content. Alt Tags works magically and ranks your images on SERPs. Search engines boost image-based results and there are great chances that your website images rank on SERPs.  Fix appropriate keywords in your Images and pictures that define your content.

Optimizing Headings Tags Are important to give an idea about your content to search engines. It helps to make your content user-friendly by making content more readable and accessible. Put important keywords in your Headings that help to understand better about your content.

Internal Linking Is the most important part of On-page SEO, the internal links send users to another page of websites and engage users for more time. It helps to reduce bounce rate and gives a positive sign to search engines regarding the website. Search engines crawl and index more pages of your websites and get more info regarding your websites. It helps to rank higher on SERPs.

URL Optimization URL optimization helps in SEO, The shorter and user-friendly URL boosts your rankings. The URL should be short, descriptive, and includes related keywords. It should be easy to understand by users and search engines.  Use Hyphens(-) between the words in the Url.Like (https://www.oneworldtechnologies.com/seo-services-company-in-India). Don’t use unnecessary words or signs in the URL. 

All of the ON-Site SEO techniques help to improve the Ranking of the Website on Search engines and provide organic traffic to your business. If you want to get perfect On-page SEO techniques for your websites then pick the SEO services company in India. Professional and experienced SEO experts make all tasks easy.  

Now Understand On-Page Seo, We Will Learn About Off-Page Seo and How It Works.

Off-Page SEO Procedures
The off-page SEO techniques help to improve the visibility of the website and boost ranking. Most people thought it is only the link-building process in off-page SEO, but it is far more than it. Let’s know in detail what Off-page SEO and what are the benefits of it. 

What is Off-Page SEO?
It includes all those activities that are done outside of the website. The actions are taken from outside of the website like brand building, content marketing, link building, Social media marketing, PR, etc. All the off-page techniques help to create engagement and also create domain authority for the website. 

Importance of Off-Page SEO
Search engines work to give users better and more authentic results. On-page and off-page factors help them to get the right results. While on-page describes the quality of the content and is related to a search query, off-page defines the authority of the website, and backlinks to other authorized websites help search engines deliver better results.

Benefits of Off-Page SEO

  • Increase Domain Authority
  • Increase Visibility
  • Boost Branding
  • It helps to make the importance of your website
  • Increases PageRank

How Off-Page SEO Works?
Off-page SEO techniques work behind the scenes of your website. It helps both users and search engines to understand your website and build your authority and trust.

Let’s Know More in Detail About Off-Page Seo Techniques

Link Building Links are the most important part Of off-page SEO. Getting backlinks from high authority sites helps to build trust in search engines. We should always focus on quality link building, not quantity. Links from reputed websites give amazing benefits to you. Links are the simplest way to measure the authority, trust, and expertise of your website. Why do search engines include Links as the main factor for search rankings? 

Social Bookmarking Social bookmarking is an activity to store links on social bookmarking websites. It is an effective way to build an online presence. Social bookmarking sites have high authority and gain the trust of search engines so whenever anyone builds a profile or links their links on social bookmarking sites it index faster than other websites. 

Social Media Marketing Social media does not directly influence the ranking in SERPs but it builds brand authority and trust as well as indirectly influences ranking. Social media platforms become most popular in a few years, now everyone uses these amazing platforms. The links and posts we share with others help us to connect with others. We can use social media platforms to divert traffic to our website. Most businesses build their presence on social media platforms to build authority, build awareness, and gain the trust of visitors. 

Content Marketing Writing high-quality content on your website is only one part of content marketing. It includes all the content you produce and share on the web. If you do guest posting, blog posts, infographics, Promotional emails, social media posts, white papers, etc, and other forms of content to engage users towards your brands, It all includes content marketing. Content marketing also works with other Off-page techniques like Link building, Social media & PR, etc. Creating high-quality content that should be engaging and shareable, builds the authority of the brand. 

Off-page SEO includes all those efforts that are done outside of the website. Like on-site SEO techniques, these are important to gain the trust of the User as well as the search engine. If you want to get a professional off-Page strategy to boost your business then select the best SEO services in India to get quality solutions from professionals. 

After analyzing On-Page and Off-Page SEO techniques, You are aware of SEO techniques and how it works. Let’s know the third part of SEO, Technical SEO.

Technical SEO Procedure

Technical SEO covers all the procedures that work behind the scene and allows google to crawl and index your website efficiently. Let’s know in detail What technical SEO is and How it Works.

What is Technical SEO?
Technical SEO refers to all the techniques that help search engines to crawl, interpret, and index websites without any hassle. It is called technical SEO because it has nothing to do with the actual content of the website and website promotion. It optimizes the infrastructure of the website and supports search engines for better crawling and indexing.

Importance of Technical SEO

  • Helps the Search engine easily access and index your website.
  • Gives the right signals to search engine crawlers about your website.
  • Builds trust in your website and ranks higher.

After knowing How important Technical SEO is for any website, We will know in brief, How Technical SEO Works. 

How does Technical SEO Works?

Now, we all know that search engines perform crawling and indexing processes to answer any query. Here technical SEO plays a major role in improving the process of crawling and indexing and giving better results.

Speed of Website Page speed is an important ranking concept. Google prefers those websites that open quickly.  Check your website speed with popular tools of website speed and improve with various techniques like optimizing Coding, compressing Images, changing servers, etc. 

Implement SSL Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protects websites from unauthorized activity. It protects the data between the two systems and prevents criminals from reading or modifying useful data. Google prefers HTTPS over HTTP websites and ranks accordingly. You can install SSL certificates from authorized website builders. 

Responsive Website Responsive website is the first priority of search engines. Responsive websites are automatically adjusted by the device. It can be easily navigated and read on any device. Google is prioritizing mobile-friendly websites, so responsive websites are more important than ever. So we have to make the website responsive to improve the ranking without any hindrance.

Implement Structure Data Markup Structured data markup is a code that helps search engines better understand the content of a website. It helps to index your website in a better way and provides accurate results regarding specific queries. Implementing structured data markup on a website leads to better search results that are less visually appealing and expose users to important information quickly. It boosts the search results and gets additional traffic to the website. Create structured data for your website with the Structured Data Markup Helper.

Creates XML Sitemap The XML Sitemap is a file that works as a roadmap that leads google to all the important pages of your website. It helps Google understand the website structure while crawling. The sitemap is also good for the SEO of websites, Create your sitemap with the help of a sitemap generator. 

Connect Websites with Search Console & Webmaster Tools The free tools from Google and Microsoft also are very helpful for indexing websites on search engines. Submitting XML Sitemap on both of them helps to crawl the website accurately. It also helps to improve the ranking of websites due to the proper crawling of web pages.

So, therefore, We know in brief How SEO is beneficial for the smooth growth of a business. If you want professional and expert solutions for your business growth, One World Technologies makes your SEO Journey easy. The Professional SEO experts deliver accurate results as per your expectation.