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Digital Marketing Trends In 2022

digital marketing trends 2022

What will probably be the most significant changes in digital marketing in 2022? It’s crucial to keep an eye on your long-term goals to create a sound short-term plan. Although no one can foresee the future of marketing with absolute accuracy, experts in the field may provide insightful analysis and make educated guesses about some of the possibilities. Not everybody could anticipate how marketing would look in 2022.

Here Are Top Digital Marketing Trends In 2022

  1. AI in marketing
  2. Livestream commerce 
  3. Voice search optimization
  4. Programmatic advertising
  5. Marketing automation 
  6. Micro-influencers
  7. Instagram reels
  8. User-generated content
  9. Whatsapp marketing
  10. B2b digital marketing

AI (Artificial Intelligence) In Marketing

  • Artificial intelligence makes digital marketing more user-friendly and automates typical marketing activities like tracking website traffic and enhancing search engine optimization for natural reach.
  • The capabilities of AI technology are expanding as well, from automating chores and advertising to predicting what clients are likely to expect next.
  • In comparison to humans, AI technology can evaluate more data more quickly and is capable of making rapid decisions based on the data.
  • It may analyze customer behavior and previous transactions using a vast data sets already at its disposal.
  • It could be able to recommend a certain good service or even provide custom marketing. This kind of targeting may lead to high conversion rates and the perception that you understand your customer’s demands without being intrusive.

 Livestream Commerce

  • Brands choose social media platforms to advertise their products live, and viewers can make live purchases on such platforms.
  • Thanks to the store feature, brands may now display the “Now” button on live video content on Instagram, saving customers time.
  • Because Livestream commerce has decreased the time it takes for customers to convert from seeing an advertisement to making a purchase, it is one of the most popular digital marketing trends in 2022.

Voice Search Optimization

  • We all have the voice search feature on our smartphones. It is exploding this year for a few different reasons.
  • First, smart speakers are becoming more and more popular. Today, most families have invested in smart speakers-like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Homepod. A key sign of how people have begun to adopt this new feature is the proliferation of devices that are totally voice search operated.
  • Second, Google asserts that its voice search has a 95 percent accuracy rate. The usability of voice search has increased and improved search precision. Your voice command can now be executed with greater ease and precision.

Programmatic Advertising

  • In the coming years, programmatic advertising is expected to account for a sizable portion of all display advertising as it grows fast each year.
  • Programmatic ad buying is much easier and simpler than human negotiation and proposals.
  • Programmatic advertising is part of AI. We used AI to target a more specific audience.

Marketing Automation

  • In the past year, automation has significantly improved the sector and is expected to be one of the biggest developments in digital marketing in 2022.
  • Marketing automation focuses on streamlining and automating processes to make them more efficient, quick, and smooth.
  • Lead generation and nurturing will be one of the best uses of marketing automation.
  • If you are able to drive a lot of traffic to your website but are unable to gather quality leads at the appropriate moment, the traffic is useless.
  • You may link different CRM solutions and lead nurturing software with marketing automation to let you collect leads at any moment of the day and tailor the process.


  • Influencer marketing is undoubtedly a trend in digital marketing that will open up new vistas. Influencer marketing is a pretty new concept, but the market already seems oversaturated. Therefore, this is how it might change in 2022 and the next few years.
  • Not all audiences find the hype around macro-influencers particularly compelling. True influencer marketing and staged influencers can be distinguished from one another. Therefore, to be more authentic, businesses will increasingly engage micro-influencers for social proofing, in addition to their staff members and customers.
  • They are the best brand ambassadors and have the power to move others with their personal experiences and feelings. Not that macro-influence will suffer in 2022, but there is a risk that micro-influencers may surpass it.

Instagram Reels/Youtube Shorts

  • Short video posts have replaced status updates and carefully managed photo grids on social media thanks to TikTok. Other platforms quickly joined the trend, with Youtube focusing on “shorts” and Instagram debuting its Reels feature.
  • Short films show the quick pace at which we consume content and the need for clear, concise messaging or interesting content that invites participation, whether it is learning a new dance, taking on a challenge, or answering surveys and polls.
  •  The beautiful thing about these brief videos is that anyone can use their phone to put together a hastily made, imperfect video.
  • Younger viewers like candid, behind-the-scenes, DIY, authentic stories, and brief, entertaining video content that has a less polished appearance

User-Generated Content

  • User-Generated Content, or UGC, capitalizes on the consumer’s enthusiasm and encourages them to create original works using the relevant product.
  • This tactic is so successful that UGC posts have a click-through rate that is four times higher than that of regular promotional campaigns.
  • GoPro has been a popular choice among the companies that have taken advantage of this trend in digital marketing.

Whatsapp Marketing

  • WhatsApp Marketing is believed to be one of the biggest and must-use digital marketing trends in 2022. 
  • You can now personally message on an app that is used by all age groups and is always checked multiple times a day. 
  • And you will not be creeping out the consumer because you will reach them through a WhatsApp Business Account, which helps them trust you and your business’ credibility.

B2b Digital Marketing

  • B2B marketing is communication between two different businesses.
  • There are trendy technologies like blockchain communication, consolidating excessively large MarTech stacks, fewer low-cost websites, theme-based websites, and focusing on meaningful data that are going to change the strategy of how business works and meet-ups with each other.


In 2022, what aspects of digital marketing will alter most significantly? It’s essential to keep an eye on your long-term objectives to make an effective short-term plan. Insightful analyses and intelligent estimates can be made by subject-matter specialists, but no one can predict the future of marketing with total certainty.