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Designing Professional Website Themes

Designing Professional Website Themes

Design is an important aspect of a Website. After all, it’s the visual appeal that impinges upon your senses first. A Website that is designed with a good visual appeal contributes towards the average time a user would spend on your Website.

So, how Do Achieve a Good Web Design?

The first ingredient in the recipe is of course a Good Web designer. However, here is the rest of the recipe for a clean and pleasant visual feel.

  • Work out a rough sketch of the layout on paper and see how well the links and textual sections of the Web page fit within that. Keep arranging and re-arranging them till you are happy with the skeleton of the Web page.
  • Next, choose the main images, which would run throughout the main page and the sub-pages of the Website. This should be done very carefully as images should be crisp, very relevant to the theme of the Website, and with attractive colors.
  • Now, work with the color scheme of the entire site and that should go well with the color of the main or permanent images of the Website.
  • By now you should have decided on the most important elements of the Web page and you are now ready to start building the main page of your Website. Well, almost.
  • You choose the other minor, but still important, elements of the site such as the format and style of the icons to be used within the site, whether or not you should use color in the background of the textual area, the texture of headings, shape of the buttons, etc.
  • Keep in mind that you should color the background of the textual sections of the page only when it is absolutely warranted by the theme of the site. It’s important to remember that no color can substitute White for the background as far as legibility is concerned and the color Black applies in the same way in case you want colored text for your site.
  • You are now ready to open both your Web and image editors and are ready to start building your Theme template.

The above are some very basic and simple tips for you that may pay very well in the long run if kept in mind while building your Theme template.