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CMS and Frameworks are excellent when you needed your project delivered yesterday. Let us choose the right framework to plug and play your website.

PHP based CMS and Frameworks have been around for over a decade now. Their evolution has taken Web development to a new, dynamic level, getting better everyday.

CMS, along with their compatible Plugins and Frameworks can be deployed in majority of projects, while Frameworks provide a great platform to build Web applications

A brief on the difference between CMS and Framework would be good here.

CMS – Content Management System – is just what its name indicates, a system to manage web content within a given template. So CMS as a complete system is integrated with a HTML template and the user may manage different categories of content like text, media, menu categories etc. through a back-end admin panel. The user need not have any knowledge of coding.

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Additional features could be added to the website by installing Plugins which are independent software modules authored by developers or CMS company and released on the Web. Plugin installation can enhance features in the CMS to a significant level, thereby affording it good flexibility.

CMS based solutions are deemed good for a large section of websites. However the site features can be built mostly around the functionality offered by the CMS and compatible Plugins available.

Since Plugins are Open Source software, these can also be customized to fine-tune the website exactly to the specification. However effort involved in customization many a times is more than the worth of the project itself. It is therefore a good idea to opt for Core PHP development when project features are very unique.

Generally CMS and Plugin solutions will work for majority of websites because the sheer variety of functionalities and features they offer will cover most of the features one may need in a web project.

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal would be some good examples of CMS.

A Framework on the other hand is a collection of libraries that aid in creating Web Applications and Web Services. So to understand Framework in context of a CMS, it (CMS) would be a web application built upon a Framework.

Frameworks enable web developers to build small to large-scale web applications significantly easily vis-a-vis writing them from scratch. It is much like assembling a product from pre-made components instead of creating it from the ground-up. Another benefit is that these environments enforce fidelity to technical development standards.

Laravel, CodeIgnitor and CakePHP are some examples of popular PHP based frameworks. All of these are various RAD environments suited for implementing shopping carts, online media galleries, blogs, and other such Web functionalities.

Similarly, there are eCommerce platforms that are specifically suited to building online stores. These are called as Shopping cart Software, Store Management Systems and such. These could be looked on as specialized, eCommerce enabled CMS.

Magento and OpenCart are very popular Shopping Cart Software.

Our web developers are well versed in almost all the CMS and Frameworks available today. We have the experience to relate your project to the most apt solution among the plethora of CMS and Frameworks available. Our services include the consultancy required to choose the right solution after thoroughly assessing the scope of your job, saving you the daunting task of choosing on your own.

You may either hire us for a given project on plate both for an hourly or lump-sum charge or if you have a long-term project, we are able to provide you a dedicated team on contract basis for a fixed monthly cost.

In the latter case your team members shall work, as your employees would, undertaking any and unlimited amount of work for the contract period, within the limits of their skills and human capacity of course. You may upgrade or downgrade your team at any time.

All our skills come efficiency and economy enabled.

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