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UI/UX Design
Applying simple, powerful UI / UX standards for enhancing visitor engagement and usage of your Websites and Mobile Apps.

A Website, Mobile App or any online asset such as your logo, banners etc. not only represents your business on the Web, but could also be potentially served to an unlimited audience. The care and professionalism that should go in building these cannot be over emphasized therefore.User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are two important components of Web design, App design or any design meant for the consumption of your online visitors. A well-designed online system must take these two in account to be an impactful design.

UI design involves identifying the purpose of any online system and users’ needs it is supposed to address. Based on this understanding a GUI (Graphical User Interface) is created that enables users to fulfill their needs without overwhelming them with the visuals of the UI. In other words, it is about a user-centered web or mobile design that allows users to accomplish their goals most efficiently and simply.

It is important that design components provide a good visual feel to the user and not get in his way of seeking information.
At the same there should be enough design elements so the sitedoes not seem too textual.

Naturally such designs would require that designers have a clear grasp on
1.Is the information delivered by the website easy on the users or overloads them?

2. UX on the other hand is how well a browsing experience a website or mobile app provides its users.

3.Which GUI shall most appeal to the target audience?

4.Does the selected flow with features and functionalities aid users’ goals or get in their way.

5.Does the selected flow with features and functionalities aid users’ goals or get in their way.

6.Does the selected flow with features and functionalities aid users’ goals or get in their way.



A lot many considerations are common between UI and UX, a clear distinction being that UX considerations are calculated post UI perception. UX quantifies how users perceive essential aspects of a system such as its ease of use, utility to them and efficiency.

Web and App designers at OWT are very conscious of their designs when it comes to UI / UX. All relevant considerations are sorted out during the SRS creation stage and the subsequent Wireframe creation stage after active participation and exchange with the client in both. The result is a website that users visit frequently to enjoy a fulfilling browsing experience or a mobile app that they would launch often to use or just tap on to look for updates.

Our designers apply the above UI / UX design principles equally well to even small design jobs like logo design or designing banners.We undertake UI / UX designs for various systems such as websites, mobile apps, games
interfaces and back-end admin panels.

Latest Frameworks, Technologies & Trends


  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Foundation
  • HTML5 Boilerplate
  • UIkit
  • Gumby


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Sass
  • Scss
  • Less
  • Svg and XMl

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