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PPC Advertising
PPC Advertising is the best alternative to Organic SEO affording relatively swift results. Google Adwords being the single most popular PPC System in the world, its contribution approximates to 97% of total Google revenue.
The equation therefore is:

Bid Amount x Quality Score = Ad Rank

It may be evident from the above that your Ad Rank could also be increased with a good Quality Score.
Also, Google calculates your CPC (cost per click) when your ad is clicked as follows:

CPC = (Ad Rank of the Advertiser below you / Your Quality Score) + $0.01

Which means that Google also charges you less CPC for a high Quality Score.
PPC Advertising is not just limited to Google. Since Google Adwords is immensely popular and powerful PPC advertising platform it was used as an example to demonstrate how PPC works. PPC Advertising is offered o n many other widely famous platforms like Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram though Google and Facebook are by far the two most popular.
This is a momentous task best left to professionals and this is where we step in. We undertake the following for you :

Setting up your Google Adwords and Social Media accounts.

To be visible on Social Media you need to create accounts on relevant social platforms and fill those up with profile information, design and upload an attractive banner representing your page, write impressive text to describe your product or services. Also it is important to have your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts set up to monitor your visibility online. We undertake these tasks for you so you may concentrate on other important things.

Designing Campaigns

Designing a PPC campaign is a serious task that involves comprehensive business analysis in preparation with full knowledge of PPC platforms, their operation and how they may best apply to your particular business or service. We design effective business campaigns with view of all this.

Performing Keyword Research

We do exhaustive keyword research to pick keywords that are just right in terms of relevance, value and competition. We also factor in your budget and provide you the best set of keywords to use in your campaigns. We review costly keywords and filter them out if we find them non performing or unnecessarily expensive.

Designing / Refining your Landing pages:

Based on the researched keywords we also undertake the design of your landing pages. These pages are well optimized as per Google SEO standard and filled in with quality content that we create to improve your Quality Score.

Another term SEM (Search Engine Marketing) also refers to paid marketing but only on Search Engines like Google, Bing etc. according to the paid marketing programs offered by these. However, SEM is a subset of PPC since it (PPC) also includes paid marketing avenues other than search engines while SEM sticks just to search engines.

Since we design campaigns for both search engines and other avenues outside of them, such as social media, our services paid marketing campaigns include both PPC and SEM. You buy advertisements and we ensure they succeed.

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