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How To Market Native Mobile APP


Marketing your native mobile app is tougher than marketing your website simply because there aren’t as many marketing avenues available as in the case of websites. For one, the App Stores – Google Play and Apple App Store – simply aren’t as online-marketing-friendly as search engines are.

It, therefore, calls for extra investment in marketing efforts when it comes to marketing your native mobile app.

The main issue is that your mobile app has to be ranked high to be visible to users. It can take ages for your mobile app to get the necessary amount of installs to become visible without any marketing strategy. It makes sense therefore to spend some funds to get better results and fast.

While the methods to promote your mobile app depend on your app category, your target audience, and the usability of your app, there are several steps you may take in any case:

  • Ask your friends to try the app and write reviews.
  • Use forums. This is a good online space for getting reviews.
  • Create Social Media pages for your app and write an engaging story for your App to attract more users.
  • Do a video presentation of your app. It helps your app ranking on Google Play.


There Are Other Multiple, Interesting Ways to Promote Your App

App Store Optimization

One of the most important things you should do is optimize your native mobile app page on Google Play and Apple App Store. Why? Because that’s where people will do the most app searches. App Store Optimization should be a part of all app marketing strategies to promote the app and its ranking on both Google Play and Apple App Store.

Facebook Audience Network

Facebook Audience Network is Facebook’s App and Website properties monetizing tool which is quite effective in fetching results for both promoters as well as advertisers. As a promoter, you may run promotions by enabling the Audience Network while creating your Facebook ad and advertising your ad among Facebook users. You may also host ads on your Mobile App or Website from 3 Million Facebook Promoters with the help of Audience Network.

Increasing Positive Audits

There are several online websites that offer organic reviews for mobile apps and these are one of the best ways to offer natural introductions, ratings, and surveys from genuine users globally. This strategy will help a considerable measure of your mobile app’s general positioning.

Submitting Apps For Review

Submitting your native mobile app for online review on professional websites is another effective way to popularize your mobile app among prospective users. This will serve to provide your mobile app the much-needed initial publicity and if the mobile app is worth its salt, it will be noticed too.

Purchasing App Installs

You may buy installs for your Android mobile apps. This is called CPI or Cost Per Install and there are online websites, platforms, and networks that enable you to do so. As the name of the program implies, you pay for every new user that installs your app. This system only targets Android Apps however since Apple does not encourage rewarding users to install iOS mobile apps. While you need to pay to promote your native mobile app, the expense is still far less than if you advertise your mobile app on a billboard.