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Responsive Web Design
Fluid, Responsive Web Design (RWD) for your website to adapt in response to the screen-size, orientation and operating system of the viewing device.

“Content is like Water” says everything about the principles of Responsive Web Design, which involve technology and techniques to create Websites fluid enough to auto-adjust to the screen-sizes of the devices on which they are being viewed.

In view of many hand-held devices like smartphones, tablets and computers of varying screen sizes, RWD ensures that appearance of website on these devices is no longer a concern.

Responsive Web Design therefore offers an effective alternative to creating Mobile Web Apps, which are versions of a website to which users are directed to when they access the website via a smartphone or tablet. RWD is also a cost effective solution vis-à-vis mobile web application development since Responsive websites are flexible enough to retain all important functionality and display within the confines of the limited screen-size afforded in handheld devices like mobiles and tablets.

Responsive Web Design
  • It is single code based, only built once and is cross-device.
  • Renders seamlessly across any screen-size. It takes into account the screen-dimension difference,orientation and resolution. So it would auto-adjust within a huge size range of a 20-inch monitor to a 3-inch smartphone.
  • Google awards better ranking to Responsive websites.
  • There is only one version of the website to maintain.
  • Provides a single platform to implement changes unlike the ‘different-web-versions’ approach that would involve variously skilled professionals

Our front-end developers use the best, contemporary technologies to create responsive websites liquid enough to seamlessly display on different screen-sizes of desktops, laptops, smartphones etc.

We use CSS3 Media Query, a W3C recommended standard, to create Responsive Web Design and Bootstrap front-end web development framework, an effective and popular framework for designing responsive websites and web applications. It is restricted to, focused and excels in front-end development only.

Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design

Our designs are pixel-perfect and well tested on different devices to make sure your website brings the best of browsing experience to your visitors, regardless of the device they use to view.

Besides doing RWD from the ground up, we also implement Responsive Web Design in existing websites, keeping their existing layouts intact.
Implementing RWD in your website could be your smartest decision since how your potential visitors view your website is much affected today by the continuous evolution of so many devices they use to access it. The sheer number of Responsive websites already there also adds to the impatience users have for websites not showing well on their smartphones.

Responsive Web Design Portfolio

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