Q. How do I transfer payments to you ?

We are currently accepting payments through Bank Wire Transfer only.
Following are the wire transfer instructions for you to use always. Kindly instruct your bank to follow them verbatim.

—————————————– Instructions —————————————————-
Please remit USD – – – – .– to HDFC Bank, Ambala Branch, AmbalaCantt., India for credit to One World Technologies (P) Ltd. , Account Number 01312000002905 with HDFC Bank Ambala, India

Please read the below carefully:

Should your bank require you to fill in a form for sending the money, you may have to fill in fields such as ‘purpose of remittance’ and ‘beneficiary’ or similar fields. This is what you should fill in:

Beneficiary : One World Technologies (P) Ltd.
Please do not fill in the name of your contact at OWT as beneficiary
Do add to the transfer whatever service charge your bank applies to the transfer

Purpose of remittance : Web development and design services
The above would apply to all the transfers.