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About Us
Established in May 1997, One World Technologies stands among the leading Indian
Web and Mobile development companies today.

Our evolution from a startup to among the top, recognized Indian Web and Mobile development firms was throughout guided by our single core value – empathizing with our clients’ businesses.

As professional website developers we are driven by our commitment to provide our clients quick deployment of quality solutions, basing them every time on best contemporary technical solutions.

Experience is one of the important factors that not only contributes to a Web agency’s success but also sets it apart as a reliable Web and Mobile development company among its peers. The near two-decade period we have been there has got us to that ‘feel the pulse’ level of professional maturity where we can envision THE solution for a given project in stages as early as Project Scoping.

The reason that One World Technologies is fast becoming a choice of ever-growing number of clients is that we strive to deliver client-specific, user-friendly quality Websites and Mobile applications while invariably remaining affordable.

We envision perfecting a work culture that besides delivering provides solutions, positively impacts our clients’ businesses in ways more than just the equivalent of the value for their money.

This culture runs among all levels of our team, whether be Web designers or Web and Mobile programmers or Project Managers and Quality Assurance staff.

We have had a chance to serve many a corporations and individuals from variety of business sectors across nations during the large span of time we had been in business. We therefore have a good understanding of the many norms, cultures and mindsets enabling a better exchange of ideas, communication and interface.

Besides experience, One World Technologies is also one of the most reliable and client friendly Indian Web and Mobile development companies around. We ensure that our clients receive full value for their money if not more. Our quotes are reasonable and payment terms are designed to be easy on the client.

Since we do a thorough project analysis before undertaking a job our quote for a given set of project specifications remains firm, which means our clients need not expect any ‘surprises’ mid-way project execution. There are absolutely no hidden costs in our quotes, which are also inclusive of all taxes.

Our commitment continues after project delivery vis-à-vis any help or consultation our clients may need about hosting or online marketing of their websites. We continue to provide valuable inputs and guidance without charge for a period of two months post project delivery.

In all, we strive to make Web design and Development an enriching and fruitful experience for our clients.

We go out of our way to win our clients’ loyalty with our processes, which are built around the checkpoints – Quality, Security and Economy.

Every product we create reflects our culture in all its aspects of visual appeal, code scalability & robustness and novel technologies.

We do it all: Mobile Apps, Web Development, Custom Software, Web Design and Digital Marketing

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