Email Marketing

Email Marketing is Email-based and matchless therefore, email being the most effective form of communication, ever deployed in recent history, in its simplicity, economy,
reach and speed in delivering messages.

The above words succinctly imply the wonders correct Email Marketing can do for a business.

The word ‘Correct’ is significant because the effectiveness and sheer reach of Email Marketing has also been the reason why mailboxes are flooded with spam. Security systems, web hosts and ISPs have been compelled to deploy stringent spam control measures, on their vigil for that mail titled ‘I am from Nigeria and have $5 Mil. to transfer to your account’.

Unfortunately such technical checks provide little for decent, clean, promotional emails from reputed companies and tend to block even these. Result is waste of sender’s effort, time and of course money.

Enterprise Application Development

Our Email Marketing Campaigns are designed to overcome delivery problem in a White hat manner. We play by the protocols all along, maximizing email delivery and minimizing email filtering at ISP or Web host level. Some of these are:


  • Making sure that sending domain is not blacklisted on the Net. If yes then it should first be de-blacklisted.
  • Providing a way for the recipients to be able to stop receiving emails if they decide so.
  • Sending out emails after reasonable intervals so as not have the recipients’ ISP or Web host raise eyebrows.
  • Not stuffing emails with too many links.
  • Sending personalized content and avoiding minted email marketing templates.


Reaching recipients is one thing and surviving their DELETE is another. Recipient suffering under email abuse are more ruthless than any security system. Designing an email campaign to first engage users with Email Title and then sustaining their interest long enough so they read the entire email is what Email Marketing is all about.
The 10 mantras and methodologies below should amply demonstrate the care and thought we put in designing email our campaigns.


Don’t Intrude Upon Recipient’s Mailbox

Email Campaigns seek to send out regular emails so it is crucial that even recipients who do not require your products or services immediately should not find your emails an intrusion. They should be precise enough to quickly inform the recipients of what you are selling and let them move on to other items in their Inbox. The recipients may still delete the email but they will leave a positive impression on their minds.

Relating Mail Subject and Preview Text

It is a great idea to relate the Subject and Preview text in an email. For example if the Subject is a Question then Preview text can be a short answer, gelling with the rest of the text in the mail body.

The recipient may open the mail even out of curiosity.



Making Use of alt Attribute

‘alt’ attribute is included in tag so users can identify what the image was about in case it fails to download.

Now, Email Clients block images embedded in emails by default unless the user enables their download. Since many campaign emails use infographics, blocking images would ensure a blank email delivery.

‘alt’ attribute within the tag of a rich text email would leave its message intact even in the event of image blockage by recipients’ Email Client.

Drafting Simple Emails

Since many of the recipients may not need products or services being promoted right away, emails should be simple enough for the recipients to skim through and get the gist with a ready Call-to-Action button.

And the interested should be led to simple step-by-step details on what the deal is all about.



Telling Subscribers You Care

Planning promotional emails to trigger on subscribers’ birthday or an anniversary is a terrific way of engaging with your target audience. These emails aren’t much of a hard work and it pays to throw in a small incentive for the recipients on their big day.

Engaging Your Subscribers in Surveys

Keeping engaged with your customers is the key to sustaining their loyalty. Email marketing provides ample avenues for that. Conducting regular surveys among your subscribers about your products or services not only provides valuable information but also keeps the client relationship going.



Making Your Emails Fun to Read

Laughter in a promotional email would be the best incentive you could offer your recipients.

So much so that even non-interested would look forward to that occasional mail with a wise crack or a funny punch line.

That Animated GIF

Animated GIF is a sure reminder of those childish sites from the days bygone. However, GIFs do have the unique ability to induce motion in otherwise static image. If used subtly and not overused, they can serve great purpose in promotional mails.

Imagine an animated image of a juicy pizza that seems steaming. What better way could be to depict the FRESHNESS in a pizza than this! Use of an animated GIF in this case has literally shown the freshness of pizza which otherwise would have had to be scribed and yet not do as good a job as this good old animated GIF.



Routine as a Promotional Pretext

How about reminding people around their birthdays that their regular medical checkup might be overdue and sending promotional emails for a new medical gadget. Brilliant, isn’t it?

There are many routine points throughout the year, which can serve as pretexts to engage with your subscribers or recipients of promotional emails. One only has to make use of them.

The Visual Appeal

A neat, professionally designed email template can in itself be a hooker regardless of whether or not its recipients need what it promotes. And in instances when the recipients also require the promoted then the email meets its purpose 100% since the likelihood of the recipient going into details is boosted significantly.

A good design and color choice relevant to the theme of the promotion and taste of the target audience is a must for template based email marketing.