Web Developers – The Unsung Heroes


Web Developers – The Unsung Heroes

“WOW, what a neatsite !” is a common exclamation that comes to ones lips on encountering an eye pleasing Website.

The design, the colors, the aesthetic appeal all convey your compliments to the Web designer, who worked on the graphical interface of the Website, perhaps with the same diligence as the Web programmer who tied it up neatly with the back-end coding.

However, few people are capable of appreciating the dynamism that coding lends to an otherwise static Website. The comfort of placing an order on the Net using your credit card, the luxury of watching movies on your computer, the ease of being able to book a ticket online and all such bells and whistles are made possible through Web programming.

Had the web technologies not progressed beyond HTML, internet would have been no different than digital books and far less fascinating and useful than it is now.

So, what does back-end Web development do to a Website? Well, to put it simply it makes a Website interact with you. Web development causes you to input data and then generates a relevant output for you.

Even static sites are basically just HTML code but it only displays a Website as a graphical interface with text and images and nothing beyond that. Needless to say how boring Net would have been if Websites were just HTML.

A lot of hard work and system analysis goes in a Website that is even moderately interactive. Since it is going to talk with its users Web developers put in a lot of effort to make sure that a site is smart enough to provide right output to your queries, is secure and all functionality in a given Website is linear and neat.

This is not to undermine the efforts of the Web designers for they are every bit as important as Web developers to say the least. However though Web designers are indispensable for all kinds of sites, their role diminishes in proportion to the level of interactivity a given site has. Should you want to have amazon.com replicated your focus would be more on interactive functionality than design. In any case, such heavy-duty sites are less design intensive.

And should a pointed question be asked as to whether a Web designer or a Web developer is more relevant to the current sophistication that Net has reached in communicative technologies, then the answer would most certainly be the Web developer.

So next time you wow a Website that has offered you a cool online planner to your trip to the Bahamas, know it for sure that more than just design has gone into it.

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