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What is AJAX?

Playing around with websites is surely fun if you’re tech-savvy. For any web designer or web developer, it is like a fantasy. For such professionals, having the best web applications becomes imperative as their customer base is at stake. But most of such techniques are tiresome and ineffective. They haunt you with the terrified hourglass. Well to change that, there is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, or simply AJAX. In essence, it is the best web programming technique to chuck out the irritating hourglass.

AJAX is a programming language implemented using the existing standards with an innovative technique. AJAX is a process of exchanging data on a server and updating web pages parts without any kind of reloading. On February 18, 2005, the term “AJAX” was coined by Jesse James Garrett. AJAX is comprised of a wide number of interrelated web developing methods that are employed to create innovative web applications like:

  •          CSS and XHTML followed standards
  •          DOM for an interface with the page
  •          XSLT and XML for swapping data
  •          XMLHttpRequest recovering Asynchronous data
  •          all of the above using JAVA scripts

In standard techniques of web application, a user has to wait long to get to his desired destination. In the standard techniques, server is requested at first, which in turn transmits the required data to the user. Each time the user clicks on a link, the same process is followed.

The AJAX Factor

Ajax mainly works as an intermediary. The engine maneuvers within the web browser to provide the desired application and manage all requests that a user can make to the web server. Ajax is such a spectacular technology because its engine can hold nearly all of the data as it is managing the requests and allow the interface with the application. On top of it, the user can autonomously and asynchronously interact with the server at the very same time.

The Key – Asynchronous

In usual techniques of web application, the user-server interface is synchronous. This implies for the fact that everything has to happen in a set sequential order.  If a user clicks on a link, the request is transmitted to the server, which in response gives back the desired results. But with AJAX, the loaded JavaScript which happens as a result of the loading of the page that is managing for numerous tasks for example, validating and manipulating the data, plus providing for the AJAX engine manage without contacting the server. As it is making display alterations for the user, it is transmitting data back and forwarding to the server. The biggest difference here it is that data sending does not depend on what the user does. It will be done asynchronously.

AJAX is a different way of looking at the technology that makes the web developing applications procedures simple and attractive. If you are currently engaged into designing web application, you should only resort to AJAX as it is a great fun to develop innovative applications with its user-friendly features.

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